The Ministry of Labour encourages scholars, students, employers, and workers to publicize their researches on this website. This participation will help enlarge and update the database. As the Ministry has a strict policy on the protection of intellectual property rights, the Research Division has to check the copy right of every submitted research before publicizing or showing it on the website.
Research abstracts and reports to be stored in the database or shown on the website must meet the following requirements:  
  1. They should be labour related such as employment, wages, and social insurance.
  2. If the research is part of the study, it must be a thesis of at least the master’s degree level.
  3. They have been collected or are under the process of collection in libraries accessible to the public.

          Interested persons can submit an abstract or a research report for consideration. A research abstract is normally accepted, but the committee will screen the submitted full reports before showing them on the website.

          All submissions should be only in Word or PDF format to allow a search for a key word in the text by PDF program possible.

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