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     This menu brings the user to the information about the abstract of an interested research and other details such as the author(s), year of publishing, and locations. The user can search for an interested research summary by the following choices:
Target population
Research location
  - Region
- Province
Year of conducting/of Publishing

     The user can apply either a one or multi-dimension search in finding an interested research summary. In using a one-dimension search, the user keys necessary information such as the name of an author or a title in the space provided or chooses from the listed choices such as the name of the library, or the target population. The primary search result may be narrowed down by the year of publishing and/ or target group.

     Some users may find an advanced search more efficient. This application requires the user to enter many dimensions of information such as the year of publishing, name of the library where the research is collected and the research subject into the computer. The multi-dimension search gives a narrowed list of the research titles that specifically meets the user's interest. 
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